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VIP members, welcome to your new slice of Heaven.

Enjoy Dunedin’s top nightclub & event experience from the comfort of our exclusive VIP lounge. With it’s own beverage & cocktail menu, roaming host and all the features you’d expect from beyond the pearly gates, Heaven is the place to be.

Access to Heaven is very limited, with a limited number of memberships issues each year.

To become a member, apply below.

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Brace yourself for an onslaught of blinding lights, glitter, giant inflatables and lots and lots of bass.. Welcome to Hell at Catacombs Nightclub.

Whether it's an international DJ, our weekly club night DEAD CARTEL or just a standard Saturday night, when you enter the gates of Hell you'll lose yourself in Dunedin's most immersive nightclub experience. You'll find creepy surprises around every corner, and the best part, drinks are cheap in Hell.

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